Super Soft Multi-Colored Dental Hygiene Finger Toothbrush of Dog (Wholesale)

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  • FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM FINGERS. Each finger toothbrush has a 5/8 inch diameter opening.
  • The finger dental hygiene brushes give you an easier process for cleaning your pet’s teeth. The brush enables the user to clean the difficult to reach areas of the pet.
  • The unique design of our pet finger toothbrush features soft brush bristles and smooth edges allowing you to clean tartar and plaque without the risk of hard bristles and sharp edges hurting your pet.
  • Each unit comes with soft brush head to clean teeth and massage tip to clean tongue of your lovely pets. Small and convenient design allows the item to be easily stored and carried.
  • Helps to reduce plaque and tartar buildup,Color toothbrush, colorful mood.
  • Often wash to pet dental health and pet's overall health

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